United States

Vision Mission Values


We are the very best U.S. Shipbuilding and Service Company in our industry with the reputation of meeting our commitments by focusing internally on our People and Processes to better serve the needs of our Nation's Sailors who protect and serve us and others around the world.


Our Mission is to meet our commitments while:

  • Yielding strong shareholder return
  • Providing innovative and affordable solutions to our customers
  • Fostering a culture that values diversity; providing a safe, stable work environment for our employees
  • Enhancing civic pride and prosperity in our communities
  • Building strong relationships for mutual success with our business partners


  • Always Safe
  • Always Ethical
  • Always Respectful
  • Always Productive
  • Always Improving
  • Always Accountable
  • Always Mentoring
  • Always Innovative
  • Always a Team…The Austal Team

Code of Conduct:

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