United States


Austal USA is constantly improving upon our supply chain and logistic processes by ongoing efforts in refining our operations.  These efforts and strategies are all geared to align with Austal's overall business goals.

Austal is committed to supporting local, small business development with our small business program.  Austal subscribes to the policy of the U.S. Government that small business concerns shall have the maximum practical opportunity to participate as subcontractors, consistent with efficient contract performance, in contracts awarded by any federal government agency. Austal will carry out this policy by awarding subcontracts to the fullest extent possible, consistent with the performance of government contracts and subcontracts.

Austal’s Enterprise Resource Planning System, “IFS”, allows us to plan, procure, track inventory and provide data as needed.  To name a few features; IFS allows us the ability to view current inventory levels, provide complete and detailed specifics regarding all orders associated within any program at any given time, and also view and track any supplier’s compliance and pricing history.  The ability to view these key performance indicators, metrics and trends along with all their supporting data allows us to make effective strategic and tactical decisions.

We continue to look at ways to reduce costs when and where possible.  In doing this we have focused on “in time” deliveries to ensure excess material is not sitting on the shelves in our warehouse.  We also have partnered with several suppliers to have a “buy and hold” process set up for large volume/repeat buys to where material is stored and protected at their facility and not delivered to us until needed.  This has allowed us to leverage large volume pricing but minimize cost to warehouse space consumed.

To become an Austal supplier/vendor, please contact the purchasing department at purchasing@austalusa.com.

Austal USA's Routing Guides are available in PDF format below.  You can also access them on the left menu under Suppliers.  Please contact your Purchasing Representative for questions.